Teaching Material

Here you can see and use a variety of teaching material that I have created for my students and colleagues (some in English and some in Spanish).

Slides / Videos / Data

  1. The Sci-Hub Effect (on papers’ citations) (slides)
  2. Economic Complexity, Economic Growth & Carbon Emissions (slides)
  3. How to define Research Problems (slides)
  4. Comprendiendo Python (Jupyter Notebook in Colab)
  5. Introducción a machine learning con R (Video)
  6. Analítica de los Datos para Los Negocios (Slides)
  7. Getting a Glimpse to the Doctorate of Business Administration (Slides)
  8. How to choose the right journal for my article? (Slides)
  9. Entropía de la Información y Medición del Lenguaje (Slides)
  10. Aplicaciones Psicológicas de la Entropía y Redes Bipartitas (Video)
  11. Big Data para Psicólogos (Slides)
  12. Introducción a Python para estudiantes de psicología (Slides)
  13. Revision de Literatura (Short text)
  14. Natural Language Use as Bipartite Networks in Psychology (Short text)
  15. Choosing the right journal for your paper (Slides)
  16. ¿Qué debe saber un psicólogo interesado en investigación? (Slides)
  17. Big Data y Psicología: Oportunidades y Desafíos (Slides)
  18. Ten influential papers in psychology (Video)
  19. Complejidad en las Experiencias del Consumidor (Slides)
  20. Applied Complexity for Social Sciences (Video)
  21. La Investigación del Consumidor Hoy (Slides)
  22. La Psicología del Consumidor Hoy (Video)
  23. Example data Structural Equation Modeling (Data)
  24. Creating a density plot in ggplot2 (Video)
  25. A bibliometric overview on Artificial Intelligence (Video)
  26. Aprendiendo Python para Analisis Estadísticos (Slides / Video)
  27. Is N ≥ 10,000 possible in Consumer Psychology? (Slides)
  28. Collaborative Consumption of Food Delivery Services (Slides)
  29. Text Mining Difficulty of LatinAmerican Peace Agreements (Slides)
  30. Acerca de los Preprints y la Ciencia Abierta (Slides)
  31. How to write a scientific paper: A data-scientist approach (Slides)
  32. Collaborative Consumption in Online Food Delivery Platforms (Data)
  33. Análisis Factorial Confirmatorio en Ωnyx y Lavaan (Video)
  34. Software alternativos a software comerciales (Video)
  35. Corruption and Wealth (Data set)

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